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Australia Post Event & Heritage Books

A.S.C. Date Description Price Details
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  2017 Volume I : 2017 Seven Seas 32nd Edition Australasian Catalogue See photo $65.00  
400 Pages in Full Colour - Australia 1913 - February 2017, Australian Postal Stationery, Australian First Day Covers & Packs, Australian Antarctic Territory,Christmas Is.,Cocos(Keeling) Is.
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  2007 Volume 2 : Seven Seas Australian Territories 30th Edition See photo $37.50  
288 Pages in Full Colour Papua & New Guinea,Norfolk Is.,Nauru Stamps and Pitcairn Is
  2007, 2017 Seven Seas 2007,17 Both Volumes Above $95.00  
  2022 SG Aust. Colour Catalogue - 12th Ed. (426 Pages) See photo $62.00  
Above Catalogue covers issues to July 2022 and also inc. Australian States, Postage Dues, Xmas Is, Norfolk Is., AAT, PNG, Papua., New Guinea, Nauru and Cocos (Keeling) Is.
HSB1 1984 First Australians Vol. 1 See photo $9.00  
HSB2 2-Oct-85 Navigators & Shipwrecks Vol. 2 See photo $9.00  
HSB3 27-Aug-86 Botany Bay Vol. 3 See photo $9.00  
HSB4 13-Oct-87 First Fleet Vol. 4 See photo $10.50  
HSB5 13-Apr-88 Sydney Cove Vol. 5 See photo $9.00  
HSB1-5 1984/8 Set of 5 Bicentennial Books with Slipcase $42.00  
HSB6 21-Jun-88 Links to U.K. $8.00  
HSB7 21-Jun-88 Links to N.Z. $4.00  
HSB8 21-Jun-88 Links to U.S. $4.00  
HSB6-8 21-Jun-88 Links Set of 3 $15.00  
HSB9 May-89 Colonial Collection Vol. 1 ' Pastoral Era $8.00  
HSB14 16-May-90 Colonial Collection Vol. II 'Rush for Gold' $10.00  
HSB16 12-Jul-90 Colonial Collection Vol. 'Boomtime' $10.00  
HSB10 23-Aug-89 Australian Impressionists $35.00  
HSB11 12-Jul-89 Stage & Screen $15.00  
HSB12 18-Oct-89 Introducing Australia    
HSB13 12-Apr-90 ANZAC Tradition ' Between the Lines'    
HSB15 13-Jun-90 A.A.T. 'Scientific Co-Operation in 7th Continent'    
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    Our World Vol. I International    
  31-Oct-90 Our World Vol. II 'Images of Nature'    
  31-Oct-90 Bush Nativity Children's Xmas Book    
  14-Feb-91 Waterbirds    
HSB17 14-Mar-91 Homefront    
HSB18 13-May-91 In Focus Photographs    
HSB19 13-Jun-91 Radio Days    
HSB20 10-Oct-91 Literary Legends    
  1-Nov-91 Xmas    
  10-Oct-91 Our World Vol. III    
  1-Nov-91 Children's Books Grandma's Xmas Story    
  15-Feb-92 Australian Maritime Print Collection    
HSB21 15-Feb-92 Australians Under Fire    
HSB22 19-Mar-92 Mission to Planet Earth    
HSB23 9-Apr-92 40 Royal Years    
  1-May-92 Books of Days - Diary    
HSB24 11-Jun-92 Gaining Ground - Landcare in Australia    
  13-Aug-92 Australia Mania    
HSB25 17-Sep-92 Desert Gold 'Gold Seekers'    
HSB26 7-Apr-93 Naval Vessels 'White Ensign'    
HSB27 1-Jun-93 Trains ' All Aboard'    
HSB28 1-Oct-93 Working LIfe    
HSB29 14-Apr-94 Ties that Bind 'Year of the Family'    
HSB30 9-Jun-94 The Women of Oz    
    Taking Flight    
  28-Sep-94 Zoos of Australia    
  18-Nov-94 The Greatest Sir Race (Black Print)    
  20-Apr-95 War & Peace    
  15-Jun-95 AAT Dolphins & Whales    
  7-Sep-95 Medical Science    
  4-Sep-95 Living Earth    
  3-Oct-95 The World Down Under    
  26-Feb-96 Miltary Aviation    
  27-Feb-96 Classic Cars    
  27-Feb-96 Classic Cars Prestige Collection    
  1-Oct-96 Pets    
  23-Jan-97 Australian Legends    
  1-Oct-97 Creatures of the Night    
  21-Jan-98 Australian Olympic Legends    
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