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2000 Australian Olympic Gold Medallists Composite Sheetlet of 16 See photo $50.00  
2004 Australian Athens Olympic Gold Medallists Composite Sheetlet of 17 See photo $45.00  
2005 Australian Parrots Shtlt See photo $48.00  
2006 Queen Elizabeth Birthday See photo $55.00  
2007 Botanic Gardens Sheetlet See photo $40.00  
2008 Beijing Olympics Gold Medallists Composite Sheetlet See photo $48.00  
2009 Norfolk Is Parrots Sheetlet See photo $45.00  
2010 Fishes of the Reef Sheetlet See photo $45.00  
2011 Flood Relief Sheetlet See photo $42.00  
2012 London Olympics Gold Medallist Composite Sheetlet. See photo $18.00  
2012 ANZUS & Olivia Newton-John Imperforate M/S See photo $25.00  
2013 World Stamp EXPO M/S See photo $35.00  
2014 Concessional Sheetlet (Gummed) See photo $34.00  
2015 Royal Birth of Princess Charlotte M/S (Exclusive to Year Book) See photo $32.00  
2016 Rio Gold Medallist Sheetlet See photo $22.00  
2016 Allcott - Paralympian of the Year Sheetlet See photo $7.00  
2016 Jarred Talent Gold Medallist Sheetlet See photo $7.00  
2017 Concessions M/S See photo $30.00  
2018 Finches M/S See photo $38.00  
2019 Drought Relief M/S See photo $42.00  
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