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Specialist Items

Lot No. SG Date Description Condition Variation Price Details
Click on Green Camera next to Price for Specific Image
1 224d 1948-56 2Pd Arms - "Roller Flaw" ACSC 271d MUH   See photo$240.00  
2 224d 1948-56 2Pd Arms - "Roller Flaw" ACSC 271d Mint   See photo$155.00  
3   22-Jan-64 Territories Specimen Pack   Inc 10/- Rabaul & ?1 Queen Specimens    
4   1966 Definitives Specimen Pack     $110.00  
5   10-Dec-41 KGVI 2d Mauve, 3d Brown and 1941 Surcharges (3) all on First Day Cover. Minor Staining ASSC $1300 for 3 Individual Covers.   See photo$650.00  
6   2-Aug-38 3d Blue KGVI Die I White Wattles MUH MUH   See photo$295.00  
7 1989 $3.90(39c)Fishing Bklt Perf. 14 x 14.4.6 PTM with "Spectacular Miscut Pane" $300.00  
This miscut pane shows two stamps with the word "Australia" at Top & Base ! These individual stamps alone would be valued at a minimum of $250 Each.
8   1964 5d Green QE II Bklt Stamps Plate 1 Block 18 MUH B/W 400zb See photo$110.00  
9   1964 5d Green QE II Bklt Stamps Plate 2 Block 18 MUH B/W 400za See photo$110.00  
Many more to be uploaded soon !

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