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Great Britain Machins & Elliptical Series

S.G. Date Description Variation MUH
GB & Channel Is.Index Page
  2013 Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue In Full Colour (418 Pages) See photo $72.00
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Stanley Gibbons Numbers Updated to SG Concise Catalogue 2021
Pre-Decimals - Photo
723 5-Feb-68 1/2d Orange-Brown (2-B)   $0.40
724 5-Feb-68 1d Light Olive (2-B)   $1.00
725 16-Sep-68 1d Yellow-Olive (C-B)   $0.80
726 5-Feb-68 2d Lake-Brown (2-B) Type I   $0.40
727 1968 2d Lake-Brown (2-B) Type II   $0.40
728 27-Aug-69 2d Lake-Brown (C-B) Type II   $1.00
729 8-Aug-67 3d Violet (C-B)   $0.40
730 6-Apr-68 3d Violet (2-B)   $0.50
731 5-Jun-67 4d Sepia (2-B)   $0.40
732 16-Sep-68 4d Olive-Brown (C-B)   $0.40
733 6-Jan-69 4d Bright Vermilion (C-B   $0.40
734 6-Jan-69 4d Bright Vermilion (L-B)   $3.00
734eb 1-Dec-69 4d Bright Vermilion (R-B)   $3.00
735 1-Jul-68 5d Royal Blue (2-B)   $0.40
736 5-Feb-68 6d Reddish-Blue (2-B)   $0.75
737 1-Jul-68 7d Emerald (2-B)   $1.50
738 1-Jul-68 8d Vermilion (2-B)   $0.60
739 6-Jan-69 8d Turquoise-Blue (2-B)   $1.25
740 8-Jul-67 9d Myrtle- Green(2-B)   $1.25
741 1-Jul-68 10d Drab (2-B)   $1.25
742 5-Jun-67 1/- Blue-Violet (2-B)   $1.25
743 8-Aug-67 1/6d Green-Blue (2-B)   $1.25
743c 10-Dec-69 1/6d Green-Blue (P)   $4.50
744 5-Jun-67 1/9d Orange-Black (2-B)   $1.50
Pre-Decimal High Values - Recess
787 5-Mar-69 2/6d Machin    
788 5-Mar-69 5/- Machin    
789 5-Mar-69 10/- Machin    
790 5-Mar-69 1Pd Machin (1st Print)    
790 5-Mar-69 1Pd Machin (2nd Print)    
    Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue See photo $72.00
Decimal High Values - Recess
829 17-Jun-70 10p Cerise    
830 17-Jun-70 20p Olive-Green    
831 17-Jun-70 50p Ultramarine    
831Ea 17-Jun-70 50p Ultramarine (Uncoated)    
831b 6-Dec-72 1Pd Bluish-Black (Redrawn)    
829/31b 1970/72 Decimals High Values (4)   $10.00
Decimals - Photo - P. 15 x 14
X841 15-Feb-71 1/2p Turquoise-Blue (2-B)   $0.20
X842 24-May-72 1/2p Turquoise-Blue (L-B)   $110.00
X843 14-Dec-77 1/2p Turquoise-Blue (C-B)   $0.80
X844 15-Feb-71 1p Crimson (2-B)   $0.20
X845 14-Dec-77 1p Crimson (C-B)   $0.40
X846 10-Oct-79 1p Crimson (AOP)   $0.40
X847 20-Oct-86 1p Crimson (L-B)   $3.00
X847Ea 3-Mar-77 1p Crimson (R-B)   $6.50
X848 15-Feb-71 1 1/2p Black (2-B)   $0.40
X849 15-Feb-71 2p Myrtle-Green (2-B) Bold   $0.40
X850 10-Oct-71 2p Myrtle-Green (AOP) Bold   $0.55
X851 15-Feb-71 2 1/2p Magenta (C-B)   $0.45
X852 15-Feb-71 2 1/2p Magenta (L-B)   $2.50
X852Ea 24-May-72 2 1/2p Magenta (R-B)   $2.50
X853 21-Mar-75 2 1/2p Magenta (2-B)   $0.60
X854 26-Aug-81 2 1/2p Rose-Red (2-B)   $1.00
X855 15-Feb-71 3p Ultramarine (2-B)   $0.40
X856 10-Sep-72 3p Ultramarine (C-B)   $0.40
X857 1-Feb-82 3p Bright Magenta (2-B)   $0.75
X858 15-Feb-71 3 1/2p Olive-Grey (2-B)   $0.75
X859 24-Jun-74 3 1/2p Olive-Grey (C-B)   $0.75
X860 5-Apr-83 3 1/2p Purple-Brown (C-B)   $3.00
X861 15-Feb-71 4p Ochre-Brown (2-B)   $0.45
X862 26-Aug-81 4p Greenish-Blue (2-B) Perf 14   $3.50
X863 3-Sep-84 4p Green-Blue (C-B)   $3.00
X864 8-Jan-85 4p Green-Blue (R-B)   $3.50
X864Ea 8-Jan-85 4p Green-Blue (L-B)   $3.50
X865 24-Oct-73 4 1/2p Grey-Blue (2-B)   $0.55
X866 15-Feb-71 5p Pale-Violet (2-B)   $0.50
X867 20-Oct-86 5p Claret (C-B)   $4.00
X868 24-Oct-73 5 1/2p Violet (2-B)   $0.55
X869 17-Mar-73 5 1/2p Violet (C-B)   $0.55
X870 15-Feb-71 6p Light Emerald (2-B)   $0.75
X871 4-Feb-74 6 1/2p Green Blue (2-B)   $0.90
X872 24-Sep-79 6 1/2p Green Blue (C-B)   $0.60
X873 26-Jan-77 6 1/2p Green Blue (R-B)   $1.50
X873Ea 26-Jan-77 6 1/2p Green Blue (L-B)   $1.25
X874 15-Jan-77 7p Purple-Brown (2-B)   $0.75
X875 13-Jun-77 7p Purple-Brown (C-B)   $0.60
X876 13-Jun-77 7p Purple-Brown (R-B)   $1.20
X876Ea 13-Jun-77 7p Purple-Brown (L-B)   $1.20
X877 15-Feb-71 7 1/2p Pale Chestnut (2-B)   $0.55
X878 24-Oct-73 8p Rosine (2-B)   $0.55
X879 20-Aug-79 8p Rosine (C-B)   $0.55
X880 28-Aug-79 8p Rosine (R-B)   $1.25
X880Ea 28-Aug-79 8p Rosine (L-B)   $1.25
X881 24-Sep-75 8 1/2p Yellow-Green (2-B)   $0.75
X882 15-Feb-71 9p Orange & Black (2-B)   $1.40
X883 25-Feb-76 9p Deep Violet (2-B)   $0.90
X884 25-Feb-76 9 1/2p Purple (2-B)   $0.90
X885 11-Aug-71 10p Orange-Brown/Chestnut (2-B)   $0.90
X886 25-Feb-76 10p Orange-Brown (2-B) Type I   $0.90
X886b 4-Sep-84 10p Orange-Brown (2-B) Type II   $55.00
X887 3-Oct-79 10p Orange-Brown (AOP)   $0.75
X888 4-Feb-80 10p Orange-Brown (C-B)   $0.75
X889 4-Feb-80 10p Orange-Brown (R-B)   $1.50
X889Ea 4-Feb-80 10p Orange-Brown (L-B)   $1.50
X890 25-Feb-76 10 1/2p Yellow (2-B)   $0.80
X891 26-Apr-78 10 1/2p Blue (2-B)   $1.25
X892 25-Feb-76 11p Brown-Red (2-B)   $1.25
X893 14-Jan-81 11 1/2p Drab (C-B)   $0.90
X894 26-Jan-81 11 1/2p Drab (R-B)   $1.40
X894Ea 26-Jan-81 11 1/2p Drab (L-B)   $1.25
X895 4-Feb-80 12p Yellow-Green (2-B)   $1.25
X896 29-Oct-85 12p Bright Emerald (C-B)   $1.25
X896Eu 29-Oct-85 12p Bright Emerald (C-B) Underprint   $1.50
Prinz Mounts - Clear Large Pack - Huge Range of Sizes, In bundles of 50,Singles,Pairs,Strips, Blocks. Great Value ! Well Over $100 Retail $89.50
Coil Strips
725m 27-Aug-69 Coil Strip 5 See photo SG 728 x 2,729,725eg,733eg $3.50
X841n 15-Feb-71 Coil Strip 5 See photo SG X849Eg,X841Eg x 2,X844Eg x 2) $5.00
X841nv 15-Feb-71 Coil Strip 5 (Spectacular Miscut) See photo $45.00
X841q 3-Dec-75 Coil Strip 5 See photo SG X870,X849,X844,X841 x 2 $3.50
X843l 14-Dec-77 Coil Strip 5 See photo SG X843 x 2,X875,X845 x 2 $3.00
X845m 16-Jan-80 Coil Strip 5 See photo SG X879,X845 x 2 + 2 Labels $3.00
X924l 30-Dec-81 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X934,X932 x 3 $3.00
X925l 14-Aug-84 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X925,X932Ea x3 $3.00
X928l 5-Sep-88 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X928, X932Ea x3 $14.00
X929l 14-Jan-81 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X929, X930 x 3 $4.00
X930cl 10-Oct-89 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X930c,X933 x 3 $7.00
X933l 27-Nov-90 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X933 x 3, X935 $5.00
X933m 1-Oct-91 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X933 x 3, X935 x 2 $4.00
X933n 31-Jan-95 Coil Strip 4 See photo SG X933, X935 x3 $4.00
X897 14-Jan-86 12p Bright Emerald (R-B)   $1.75
X897Ea 14-Jan-86 12p Bright Emerald (L-B)   $1.75
X898 27-Jan-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald (C-B)   $0.90
X898eu 27-Jan-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald (C-B) Underprint Type I   $2.00
X898eua 9-Nov-83 12 1/2p Light Emerald (C-B) Underprint Type II   $1.25
X899 1-Feb-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald (R-B)   $1.50
X899Ea 1-Feb-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald (L-B)   $1.50
X900 28-Aug-84 13p Pale Chestnut (C-B)   $1.00
X900eu 28-Aug-84 13p Pale Chestnut (C-B) Underprint   $2.25
X901 3-Sep-84 13p Pale Chestnut (R-B)   $1.25
X901Ea 3-Sep-84 13p Pale Chestnut (L-B)   $1.25
X902 26-Jan-81 14p Grey-Blue (2-B)   $1.50
X903 23-Aug-88 14p Deep-Blue (C-B)   $0.90
X904 5-Sep-88 14p Deep Blue (S-B)   $9.00
X905 26-Sep-89 15p Bright Blue (C-B)   $1.50
X906 2-Oct-89 15p Bright Blue (L-B)   $8.00
X906Ea 2-Oct-89 15p Bright Blue (R-B)   $6.00
X907 1-Feb-82 15 1/2p Pale-Violet (2-B)   $2.00
X907eu 1-Feb-82 15 1/2p Pale-Violet (2-B) Underprint   $1.25
X908 5-Apr-83 16p Olive-Drab (2-B)   $2.50
X909 3-Sep-84 17p Grey-Blue (2-B)   $1.50
X909eu 3-Sep-84 17p Grey-Blue (2-B) Underprint   $2.00
X910 4-Sep-90 17p Deep Blue (C-B)   $2.00
X911 4-Sep-90 17p Deep-Blue (R-B)   $9.00
X911Ea 4-Sep-90 17p Deep-Blue (L-B)   $3.00
X912 20-Oct-86 18p Olive-Grey (2-B)   $1.50
X913 10-Sep-91 18p Bright Green (C-B)   $1.50
X914 5-Sep-88 19p Bright-Orange-Red (2-B)   $3.00
X915 25-Feb-76 20p Dull-Purple (2-B)   $2.00
X916 2-Oct-89 20p Brownish-Black (2-B)   $3.00
X917 4-Sep-90 22p Bright-Orange (2-B)   $4.00
X917a 6-Feb-96 25p Rose-Red (2-B)   $16.00
X918 3-Mar-87 26p Rosine (2-B)   $16.00
X919 18-Mar-86 31p Purple (2-B)   $32.00
X920 8-Jan-85 34p Ochre-Brown (2-B)   $16.00
X921 2-Feb-77 50p Ochre-Brown (2-B)   $5.00
X922 20-Mar-90 50p Ochre (2-B)   $11.00
Photo - Harrison - Phos. Paper
X924 10-Dec-80 1/2p Turquiose-Blue (P)   $0.20
X925 12-Dec-79 1p Crimson (P)   $0.20
X926 12-Dec-79 2p Myrtle-Green (P) (Bold Val)   $0.30
X927 26-Jul-88 2p Deep-Green (P) Thin Val   $0.30
X928 5-Sep-88 2p Myrtle-Green (P) Thin Val.   $6.00
X929 14-Jan-81 2 1/2p Rose-Red (P)   $0.40
X930 22-Oct-80 3p Bright Magenta (P) Type I   $0.40
X930c 10-Oct-89 3p Bright Magenta (P) Type II   $2.50
X931 30-Mar-83 3 1/2p Purple-Brown (P)   $1.00
X932 30-Dec-81 4p Greenish-Blue (P) Perf 14   $0.50
X932Ea 14-Aug-84 4p Greenish-Blue (P)   $0.50
X933 26-Jul-88 4p New Blue (P)   $0.40
X934 10-Oct-79 5p Pale-Violet (P)   $0.60
X935 26-Jul-88 5p Dull Red-Brown (P)   $0.60
X936 10-Sep-91 6p Olive-Yellow (P)   $0.60
X937 29-Oct-85 7p Red (P)   $2.50
X938 24-Mar-76 8 1/2p Yellow-Green (P)   $1.00
X939 Nov '79 10p Orange-Brown (P)   $0.90
X940 4-Sep-90 10p Dull Orange (P)   $1.00
X941 27-Aug-80 11p Brown-Red (P)   $2.00
X942 15-Aug-79 11 1/2p Ochre-Brown (P)   $1.25
X943 30-Jan-80 12p Yellow-Green (P)   $1.00
X944 15-Aug-79 13p Olive-Grey (P)   $1.00
X945 30-Jan-80 13 1/2p Purple-Brown (P)   $1.50
X946 14-Jan-81 14p Grey-Blue (P)   $1.00
X947 15-Aug-79 15p Ultramarine (P)   $1.25
X948 14-Jan-81 15 1/2p Pale-Violet (P)   $1.50
X949 30-Mar-83 16p Olive-Drab (P)   $1.25
X949eu 10-Aug-83 16p Olive-Drab (P) Underprint   $2.00
X950 27-Jan-82 16 1/2p Pale-Chestnut (P)   $2.00
X951 30-Jan-80 17p Light Emerald   $1.50
X952 30-Mar-83 17p Grey-Blue (P)   $1.50
X952eu 30-Mar-83 17p Grey-Blue (P) Underprint   $2.25
X953 30-Jan-80 17 1/2p Pale-Chestnut (P)   $1.60
X954 14-Jan-81 18p Deep Violet (P)   $1.50
X955 28-Aug-84 18p Olive-Grey (P)   $1.50
X956 23-Aug-88 19p Bright Orange-Red (P)   $1.60
X957 27-Jan-82 19 1/2p Olive-Grey (P)   $3.50
X958 10-Oct-79 20p Dull Purple (P) Perf 14   $3.00
X959 23-Aug-88 20p Turquoise-Green (P)   $1.75
X960 26-Sep-89 20p Brownish-Black (P)   $3.00
X961 30-Mar-83 20 1/2p Ultramarine (P)   $2.50
X962 22-Oct-80 22p Blue (P)   $2.00
X963 28-Aug-84 22p Yellow-Green (P)   $2.00
X964 4-Sep-90 22p Bright-Orange (P)   $3.00
X965 30-Mar-83 23p Brown-Red (P)   $2.50
X966 23-Aug-88 23p Bright Green (P)   $3.00
X967 28-Aug-84 24p Violet (P)   $3.00
X968 26-Sep-89 24p Indian Red (P)   $4.00
X969 10-Sep-91 24p Chestnut (P)   $2.50
X970 14-Jan-81 25p Purple (P)   $2.00
  2013 Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue In Full Colour (418 Pages) See photo $72.00
X971 27-Jan-82 26p Rosine (P) Type I   $2.50
X971b 4-Aug-87 26p Rosine (P) Type II   $8.00
X972 4-Sep-90 26p Drab (P)   $3.00
X973 23-Aug-88 27p Chestnut (P)   $2.50
X974 4-Sep-90 27p Violet (P)   $3.00
X975 30-Mar-83 28p Deep Violet (P)   $2.50
X976 23-Aug-88 28p Ochre (P)   $3.00
X977 10-Sep-91 28p Deep Bluish-Grey (P)   $3.00
X978 27-Jan-82 29p Ochre-Brown (P)   $4.00
X979 26-Sep-89 29p Deep Mauve (P)   $4.00
X980 26-Sep-89 30p Deep Olive-Grey (P)   $2.50
X981 30-Mar-83 31p Purple (P)   $2.50
X982 4-Sep-90 31p Ultramarine (P)   $3.50
X983 23-Aug-98 32p Greenish-Blue (P)   $5.00
X984 4-Sep-90 33p Light Emerald (P)   $3.50
X985 28-Aug-84 34p Ochre-Brown (P)   $3.50
X986 26-Sep-89 34p Deep Bluish Grey (P)   $4.00
X987 10-Sep-91 34p Deep Mauve (P)   $3.50
X988 23-Aug-88 35p Sepia (P)   $3.50
X989 10-Sep-91 35p Yellow (P)   $3.50
X990 26-Sep-89 37p Rosine (P)   $4.00
X991 10-Sep-91 39p Bright Mauve (P)   $3.50
Photo - Harrison - Perf 15 x 14
X992 21-May-80 50p Ochre-Brown   $3.50
X993 13-Mar-90 50p Ochre   $3.50
X994 26-Jul-88 75p Grey-Black (Thin Val.)   $5.50
Litho - Perf 14
X996 30-Jan-80 4p Greenish- Blue (2-B) Perf 14   $0.60
X997 Nov '81 4p Greenish- Blue (P) Perf 14   $0.75
X998 21-May-80 20p Dull Purple (2-B) Perf 14   $2.50
X999 Nov '81 20p Dull Purple (P) Perf 14   $3.50
Litho - Perf 14 & Perf 15 x 14
X1000 21-May-80 2p Emerald-Green (P) Perf 14 (Bold Val.)   $0.40
X1000a 10-Jul-84 2p Emerald-Green(P) (Bold Val.)   $0.75
X1001 23-Feb-88 2p Bright Green (P) Thin Val.   $1.50
X1002 13-May-86 4p Greenish-Blue (P)   $1.50
X1003 21-May-80 5p Light Violet (P)   $1.00
X1004 27-Jun-82 5p Claret (P) Perf 14   $1.00
X1004a 21-Feb-84 5p Claret (P)   $1.50
X1005 9-Feb-88 13p Pale Chestnut (C-B)   $1.50
X1006 9-Feb-88 13p Pale Chestnut (R-B)   $1.50
X1006Ea 9-Feb-88 13p Pale Chestnut (L-B)   $1.50
X1007 11-Oct-88 14p Deep Blue (C-B)   $3.50
X1008 19-Mar-91 17p Deep Blue (C-B)   $2.00
X1009 9-Feb-88 18p Deep Olive-Grey (P)   $2.00
X1010 9-Feb-88 18p Deep Olive-Grey (2-B)   $16.00
X1011 27-Oct-92 18p Bright Green (C-B)   $2.00
X1012 27-Oct-92 18p Emerald (R-B)   $2.50
X1012Ea 10-Aug-93 18p Emerald (L-B)   $3.50
X1013 11-Oct-88 19p Bright Orange-Red (P)   $4.50
X1014 13-May-86 20p Dull Purple (P)   $3.00
X1015 9-Feb-88 22p Yellow-Green (2-B)   $18.00
X1016 19-Mar-91 22p Bright Orange (P)   $3.00
X1017 27-Oct-92 24p Chestnut (P)   $3.00
X1018 27-Oct-92 24p Chestnut (2-B)   $3.00
X1019 19-Mar-91 33p Light Emerald (P)   $5.00
X1020 25-Feb-92 33p Light Emerald (2-B)   $3.00
X1021 9-Feb-88 34p Ochre-Brown (2-B)   $16.00
X1022 27-Oct-92 39p Violet (2-B)   $3.00
X1023 30-Jan-80 75p Black Perf 14 (Thick Val.)   $6.00
X1023a 21-Feb-84 75p Black (Thick Val.) Perf 15 x 14   $7.00
X1024 23-Feb-88 75p Brownish-Grey & Black (Thin Val.)   $20.00
Litho Walsall - Perf 14
X1050 9-Feb-93 2p Deep Green (P)   $2.00
X1051 25-Apr-89 14p Deep Blue (S-B)   $9.00
X1052 25-Apr-89 19p Bright Orange (2-B)   $6.00
X1053 9-Feb-93 24p Chestnut (P)   $3.50
X1054 2-Oct-89 29p Deep Mauve (2-B)   $6.50
X1055 17-Apr-90 29p Deep Mauve (P)   $9.00
X1056 17-Sep-90 31p Ultramarine (P)   $3.00
X1057 16-Sep-91 33p Light Emerald (P)   $2.50
X1058 16-Sep-91 39p Bright Mauve (P)   $4.00
High Values -Photo
1026 2-Feb-77 ?1 Bright Yellow-Green   $4.00
1026b 2-Feb-77 ?1.30 Drab Blue-Green   $7.00
1026c 3-Aug-83 1.33Pd Mauve & Blue   $9.00
1026d 28-Aug-84 1.41Pd Pale Drab   $9.00
1026e 17-Sep-85 1.50Pd Pale Mauve   $7.00
1026f 2-Sep-86 1.60Pd Pale Drab   $8.00
1027 15-Sep-87 2Pd Emeral-Brown   $8.00
1028 2-Feb-77 5Pd Salmon Blue   $22.00
Booklet Stamps - Photo - Perf 15 x 14
1445 22-Aug-89 2nd Bright Blue (C-B)   $3.00
1446 20-Mar-90 2nd Bright Blue (R-B)   $7.50
1447 22-Aug-89 1st Brownish Black (P)   $6.50
1448 20-Mar-90 1st Brownish Black (2-B)   $9.50
Booklet Stamps - Litho - Perf 14
1449 22-Aug-89 2nd Bright Blue (C-B)   $3.50
1450 22-Aug-89 1st Blackish-Brown (2-B)   $7.50
Booklet Stamps - Litho - Perf 15x14
1451 19-Sep-89 2nd Bright Blue (C-B)   $3.50
1451a 25-Feb-92 2nd Bright Blue (R-B)   $10.00
1451aab 10-Aug-93 2nd Bright Blue (L-B)   $6.00
1452 19-Sep-89 1st Brownish-Black (P)   $7.50
150th Anniversary of Penny Black - Photo - Perf 15 x 14
1467 10-Jan-90 15p Bright Blue (C-B)   $2.00
1468 30-Jan-90 15p Bright Blue (L-B)   $15.00
1468a 30-Jan-90 15p Bright Blue (R-B)   $10.00
1469 10-Jan-90 20p Brownish- Black & Cream (P)   $2.50
1470 30-Jan-90 20p Brownish- Black & Cream (2-B)   $10.00
1471 10-Jan-90 29p Deep Mauve (P)   $7.00
1472 20-Mar-90 29p Deep Mauve (2-B)   $25.00
1473 10-Jan-90 34p Deep Bluish-Grey (P)   $7.00
1474 10-Jan-90 37p Rosine (P)   $7.00
150th Anniversary of Penny Black - Litho - Perf 14
1475 30-Jan-90 15p Bright Blue (C-B)   $5.00
1476 30-Jan-90 20p Brownish- Black & Cream (P)   $5.00
150th Anniversary of Penny Black - Litho - Perf 15 x 14
1477 17-Apr-90 15p Bright Blue (C-B)   $7.00
1478 17-Apr-90 20p Brownish- Black & Cream (P)   $6.00
Booklet Stamps - Photo
1511 7-Aug-90 2nd Deep-Blue (C-B)   $4.50
1512 7-Aug-90 1st Bright-Orange-Red (P)   $5.50
Booklet Stamps - Litho - Perf 15 x 14
1513 7-Aug-90 2nd Deep Blue (C-B)   $5.00
1514 7-Aug-90 1st Bright-Orange-Red (P)   $5.00
1514a 25-Feb-92 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B)   $6.00
Booklet Stamps - Litho - Perf 14
1515 7-Aug-90 2nd Deep Blue (C-B)   $4.50
1516 7-Aug-90 1st Bright-Orange-Red (P)   $5.00
1516c 7-Aug-90 1st Bright-Orange-Red (P) Perf 13   $9.50
Castle Definitives
1611/14 24-Mar-92 Castles (4)   $75.00
1613c 22-Aug-95 3Pd Castle   $22.00
1612a 5-Mar-96 1.50Pd Castle PVA White Gum   $9.00
1613a 2-May-96 2Pd Castle PVA White Gum   $12.00
1614a 17-Sep-96 5Pd Castle PVA White Gum   $32.00
1993/96 29-Jul-97 Castles Re-Engraved (4)    
Booklet Stamps- Photo - Elliptical Holes
1664 7-Sep-93 2nd Bright Blue (C-B)   $4.00
1664a 1-Dec-98 2nd Bright Blue (C-B) Perf 14   $4.00
1665 13-Oct-98 2nd Bright Blue (R-B)   $4.00
1665c 13-Oct-98 2nd Bright Blue (L-B)   $4.00
1666 6-Apr-93 1st Bright-Orange-Red (P)   $4.50
1667 4-Apr-95 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B)   $4.50
1667a 1-Dec-98 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B) Perf 14   $5.00
1668 21-Apr-97 1st Gold (2-B)   $5.00
1668s 5-Jun-17 1st Brownish-Black (2-B)   $10.00
1669 19-Jan-99 (E) Deep Blue (2-B)   $7.50
Booklet Stamps- Litho - Elliptical Holes
1670 6-Apr-93 2nd Bright Blue (C-B)   $4.00
1671 6-Apr-93 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B)   $4.50
1672 8-Jan-08 1st Gold (2-B)   $4.50
Self-Adhesive Stamps - Litho
1789 19-Oct-93 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B) Elliptical Hole   $5.00
Self-Adhesive Stamps - Photo
1976 18-Mar-97 2nd Bright Blue (C-B) Elliptical Hole   $6.00
1977 18-Mar-97 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B)   $6.00
1952-54 Wildings
2031 10-Mar-98 20p Light Green (R-B)   $3.00
2031Ea 10-Mar-98 20p Light Green (L-B)   $3.00
2032 10-Mar-98 26p Red-Brown   $3.00
2033 10-Mar-98 37p Light Purple   $10.00
Self-Adhesive Stamps - Photo
2039 6-Apr-98 2nd Bright Blue (C-B)   $4.00
2039b 22-Jun-98 2nd Bright Blue (C-B) Perf 141/2 x14    
2040 6-Apr-98 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B)   $4.50
2040b 22-Jun-98 1st Bright-Orange-Red (2-B) Perf 141/2 x14    
A Comprehensive List of GB Regionals
Embossed Self-Adhesive Stamp
2077 16-Feb-99 1st Class Grey - Die Cut Perf   $8.00
Recess Enschede
2078 16-Feb-99 1st Class Grey-Black (2-B)   $8.00
Typo Harrison
2079 16-Feb-99 1st Class Black (2-B)   $8.00
New Millennium
2124 6-Jan-00 1st Class Olive-Brown (2-B)   $4.00
2124d 15-Feb-00 1st Class Olive-Brown (2-B) Perf 14   $2.50
Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth
2133 5-Jun-17 20p Brownish-Black   $4.00
2133a 15-Feb-00 1st Class Brownish-Black (2-B)   $5.00
2146 M/S 22-May-00 Machins ' The Stamp Show' M/S   $58.00
2295 5-Jun-02 (1st) Gold S/A   $4.50
2296 4-Jul-02 (E) Deep Blue S/A   $7.00
2297 4-Jul-02 42p Deep Olive Grey S/A   $16.00
2298 4-Jul-02 68p Grey-Brown S/A   $18.00
Overseas Booklet Stamps
2357a 1-Apr-04 World Wide Postcard (43p) (Grey-Black, rosine & Ultramarine)   $7.00
2357b 30-Mar-10 Europe Bklt Stamp (52p) Up to 20g (Deep blue-green,new blue & rosine)   $8.00
2358 27-Mar-03 Europe Bklt Stamp (52p) Up to 40g (New blue & Rosine)   $8.50
2358a 30-Mar-10 Worldwide (1.12Pd) Up to 20g (Deep mauve, new blue & rosine)   $8.00
2359 27-Mar-03 Worldwide (1.12Pd) Up to 40g (Rosine & New Blue)   $10.00
50th Anniversary of Coronation - Booklet Stamps
2378 2-Jun-03 47p Bistre-brown (2-B)   $10.00
2379 2-Jun-03 68p Grey-Blue (2-B)   $10.00
2380 2-Jun-03 1Pd Deep Yellow-Green (2-B)   $110.00
Pricing in Proportion
2650 1-Aug-06 (2nd) Bright Blue (C-B)   $4.00
2651 1-Aug-06 (1st) Gold (2-B)   $5.00
2652 1-Aug-06 (2nd Large) Bright Blue (2-B)   $6.00
2653 1-Aug-06 (1st Large) Gold (2-B)   $8.00
2654 12-Sep-06 (2nd) Bright Blue (C-B) P & S   $5.50
2655 12-Sep-06 (1st) Gold (2-B) P & S   $5.50
2656 15-Aug-06 (2nd Large) Bright Blue (2-B) P & S   $7.00
2657 15-Aug-06 (1st Large) Gold (2-B) P & S   $8.00
Commemorative Booklet Panes
1671l 27-Jul-94 Bank of England 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $20.00
1671m 17-Aug-94 Boots Logo 1st Class Bright Orange-Red - Roulette 8 See photo   $6.00
1671la 16-May-95 RJ Mitchell 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $15.00
1671la 16-May-95 QE II Birthday 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $15.00
1671la 16-May-95 Hong Kong '97 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $15.00
1671la 16-May-95 Chogm 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $25.00
1671la 16-May-95 Prince of Wales 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $18.00
1671ma 11-Sep-95 Without Boots Logo 1st Class Bright Orange-Red - Roulette 8 See photo   $6.00
1671mb 20-Feb-97 Without Boots Logo 1st Class Bright Orange-Red - Roulette 10 See photo   $4.00
1667am 12-May-99 Berlin Airlift 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $22.00
1667am 12-May-99 Rugby World Cup 1st Class Bright Orange Red See photo   $15.00
2124bl 21-Mar-00 Postman Pat 1st Class Olive Brown "Stampshow 2000" See photo   $14.00
2124bl 21-Mar-00 Botanical 1st Class Olive Brown See photo   $14.00
2040l 29-Jan-01 Queen Victoria 1st Class Bright-orange See photo   $40.00
Photo - Elliptical Holes
Stanley Gibbons Numbers Updated to SG Concise Catalogue 2021
Y1667 8-Jun-93 1p Crimson (2-B)   $0.75
Y1668 11-Apr-95 2p Deep Green (2-B)   $0.75
Y1669 14-Dec-93 4p New Blue (2-B)   $0.75
Y1670 8-Jun-93 5p Dull Red-Brown (2-B)   $0.75
Y1671 27-Apr-93 6p Yellow-Olive (2-B)   $1.25
Y1672 20-Apr-99 7p Grey (2-B)   $1.25
Y1673 1-Apr-04 7p Bright Magenta (2-B)   $0.50
Y1674 25-Apr-00 8p Yellow (2-B)   $1.25
Y1675 5-Apr-05 9p Yellow-Orange   $2.00
Y1676 8-Jun-93 10p Dull Orange (2-B)   $1.25
Y1676a 13-Oct-98 10p Dull Orange (2-B) Perf 14   $7.00
Y1677 1-Aug-06 12p Greenish Blue (2-B)   $0.60
Y1678 1-Aug-06 14p Rose-Red (2-B)   $0.75
Y1679 1-Apr-08 15p Bright Magenta (2-B)   $1.00
Y1680 27-Mar-07 16p Pale Cerise (2-B)   $1.25
Y1681 31-Mar-09 17p Brown-Olive (2-B)   $0.75
Y1682 26-Oct-93 19p Bistre (C-B)   $2.50
Y1683 15-Feb-00 19p Bistre (R-B) Perf 14   $7.00
Y1684 14-Dec-93 20p Turquoise-Green (2-B)   $3.50
Y1685 25-Jun-96 20p Bright Green (C-B)   $2.50
Y1686 23-Sep-97 20p Bright Green (R-B)   $5.50
Y1687 20-Apr-99 20p Bright Green (2-B)   $3.00
Y1688 31-Mar-09 22p Drab (2-B)   $1.00
Y1689 26-Oct-93 25p Rose-Red (P)   $4.50
Y1690 20-Dec-94 25p Rose-Red (2-B) (H)   $4.50
Y1691 25-Jun-96 26p Red-Brown (2-B) (H)   $4.50
Y1692 21-Apr-97 26p Gold (2-B)   $4.50
Y1693 26-Oct-93 29p Grey (2-B)   $5.00
Y1694 27-Jul-93 30p Deep Olive-Grey (2-B)   $4.00
Y1695 25-Jun-96 31p Deep Mauve (2-B)   $5.00
Y1696 25-Apr-00 33p Grey-Green (2-B)   $5.50
Y1697 6-May-03 34p Yellow-Olive (2-B)   $5.00
Y1698 17-Aug-93 35p Yellow (2-B)   $5.50
Y1699 1-Nov-93 35p Yellow (P)   $26.00
Y1700 1-Apr-04 35p Sepia (2-B)   $3.00
Y1701 5-Apr-05 35p Yellow-Olive (2-B)   $2.00
Y1702 26-Oct-93 36p Ultramarine (2-B)   $5.50
Y1703 25-Jun-96 37p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $4.50
Y1704 4-Jul-02 37p Grey-Black (2-B)   $6.00
Y1705 23-Mar-06 37p Brown-Olive (C-B)   $2.50
Y1706 26-Oct-93 38p Rosine (2-B)   $6.00
Y1707 20-Apr-99 38p Ultramarine (2-B)   $6.50
Y1707a 15-Feb-00 38p Ultramarine (2-B) Perf 14   $22.00
Y1708 25-Jun-96 39p Bright Magenta (2-B)   $5.50
Y1709 1-Apr-04 39p Grey (2-B)   $4.00
Y1710 25-Apr-00 40p Deep Azure (2-B)   $4.50
Y1711 1-Apr-04 40p Turquoise-Blue (2-B)   $5.00
Y1712 26-Oct-93 41p Grey-Brown (2-B)   $5.50
Y1713 1-Nov-93 41p Drab (P)   $22.00
Y1714 25-Apr-00 41p Rosine (2-B)   $5.00
Y1715 4-Jul-02 42p Deep Olive-Grey (2-B)   $5.00
Y1716 25-Jun-96 43p Deep Olive-Brown (2-B)   $5.50
Y1717 8-Jul-96 43p Sepia (2-B)   $8.00
Y1717a 13-Oct-98 43p Sepia (2-B) Perf 14   $8.00
Y1718 1-Apr-04 43p Emerald (2-B)   $5.00
Y1719 20-Apr-99 44p Grey-Brown (2-B)   $14.00
Y1720 28-Mar-06 44p Bright Blue (2-B)   $2.50
Y1721 25-Apr-00 45p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $5.00
Y1722 5-Apr-05 46p Yellow (2-B)   $3.00
Y1723 4-Jul-02 47p Turquoise-Green (2-B)   $5.50
Y1724 27-Mar-07 48p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $3.50
Y1725 28-Mar-06 49p Red-Brown (2-B)   $3.50
Y1726 14-Dec-93 50p Ochre (2-B)   $5.50
Y1727 27-Mar-07 50p Grey (2-B)   $3.50
Y1728 27-Mar-07     $3.50
Y1729 1-Apr-08 56p Yellow-Olive (2-B)   $3.50
Y1730 30-Mar-10 60p Light Emerald (2-B)    
Y1731 31-Mar-09 62p Rosine (2-B)   $2.50
Y1732 25-Jun-96 63p Light Emerald (2-B)   $7.50
Y1733 20-Apr-99 64p Turquoise-Green (2-B)   $7.50
Y1734 25-Apr-00 65p Greenish-Blue (2-B)   $7.00
Y1735 30-Mar-10 67p Red-Mauve (2-B)   $6.00
Y1736 4-Jul-02 68p Grey-Brown (2-B)   $7.00
Y1737 28-Mar-06 72p Rosine (2-B)   $6.00
Y1738 27-Mar-07 78p Emerald (2-B)   $6.00
Y1739 1-Apr-08 81p Turquoise-Green (2-B)   $5.00
Y1740 30-Mar-10 88p Bright Magenta (2-B)   $6.00
Y1741 31-Mar-09 90p Ultramarine (2-B)   $6.50
Y1742 30-Mar-10 97p Violet   $7.00
Y1743 22-Aug-95 1Pd Bluish-Violet (2-B)   $10.00
Y1744 5-Jun-07 1Pd Magenta (2-B)   $6.00
Y1745 30-Mar-10 1.46Pd Blue-Green   $9.00
Y1746 1-Jul-03 1.50 Pd Brown-Red (2-B)   $12.00
Y1747 1-Jul-03 2Pd Deep Blue-Green (2-B)   $20.00
Y1748 1-Jul-03 3Pd Deep Mauve (2-B)   $24.00
Y1749 1-Jul-03 5Pd Azure (2-B )   $36.00
Litho - Elliptical Holes
Y1760 8-Jul-96 1p Lake (2-B)   $2.00
Y1761 17-Sep-09 1p Reddish-Purple (2-B)   $3.00
Y1762 12-Feb-09 5p Dull Red-Brown (2-B)   $2.00
Y1763 13-May-10 5p Red-Brown   $8.50
Y1764 22-Mar-11 5p Lake-Brown   $8.00
Y1765 7-Jan-10 5p Red-Brown (2-B) Type III   $12.00
Y1766 26-Jul-94 6p Yellow-Olive (2-B)   $40.00
Y1767 25-Apr-95 10p Dull-Orange (2-B)   $9.00
Y1768 7-Jan-10 10p Pale Brownish Orange   $8.00
Y1769 13-Jan-09 16p Pale Cerise (2-B)   $8.00
Y1770 18-Aug-09 17p Bistre (2-B)   $8.00
Y1771 26-Jul-94 19p Bistre (L-B)   $5.00
Y1771a 25-Apr-95 19p Bistre (R-B)   $5.00
Y1772 8-Jul-96 20p Bright Yellow-Green (C-B)   $8.00
Y1773 7-Jan-10 20p Light Green (2-B)   $10.00
Y1774 18-Aug-09 22p Olive-Brown (2-B)   $11.00
Y1775 1-Nov-93 25p Red (2-B)   $4.00
Y1776 8-Jul-96 26p Chestnut (2-B)   $5.00
Y1777 25-Apr-95 30p Olive Grey (2-B)   $8.00
Y1778 1-Nov-93 35p Yellow (2-B)   $6.00
Y1779 8-Jul-96 37p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $10.00
Y1780 1-Nov-93 41p Drab (2-B)   $6.00
Y1780a 25-Apr-95 41p Grey-Brown (2-B)   $9.00
Y1781 12-Feb-09 48p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $7.00
Y1782 13-Jan-09 50p Grey (2-B)   $11.00
Y1783 7-Jan-10 54p Chestnut (2-B) Type III   $12.00
Y1784 9-Aug-94 60p Blue-Grey (2-B)   $6.00
Y1785 13-May-10 60p Emerald (2-B)   $18.00
Y1786 18-Aug-09 62p Rosine (2-B)   $2.50
Y1787 8-Jul-96 63p Light Emerald (2-B)   $12.00
Y1788 18-Aug-09 67p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $32.00
Y1789 17-Sep-09 90p Bright Blue (2-B)   $16.00
Y1790 22-Mar-11 97p Bluish-Violet (2-B)   $33.00
Y1800 9-Mar-99 1.50 Pd Red   $15.00
Y1801 9-Mar-99 2Pd Dull Blue   $20.00
Y1802 9-Mar-99 3Pd Dull Violet   $25.00
Y1803 9-Mar-99 5Pd Brown   $42.00
Elliptical Holes Self-Adhesives(P & S)
  2011 1p Crimson (2-B)   $0.50
  2011 5p Dull Red-Brown (2-B)   $0.75
  2011 10p Dull Orange (2-B)   $1.00
  2011 20p Turquoise-Green (2-B)   $1.50
Security Machins Self Adhesives
2nd & 1st
MAIL (ie No code letter) - counter sheets
MBIL - Business sheets
MCIL - "custom booklets", which include special stamps
MMIL - Miniature sheets not listed as individual stamps
MPIL - "Prestige" Booklets
MRIL - Rolls
MSIL - Standard booklets of 6
MTIL - Booklets of 12
2nd & 1st Large
MAIL (ie No code letter) - counter sheets
YBLM - Business sheets (2009)
MBI - Business sheets (2010)
BIL - Business sheets (2011/12) (BR)
FOYAL - Booklets of 4 (2009)
MFI - Booklets of 4 (2010)
FIL - Booklets of 4 (2011/12((BR)
MBND - Business Sheets
MCND - "Custom" bookletsof 6
MMND - Miniature sheets (MS3287)
MPND - "Prestige" booklet pane
MSND - Standard booklets of 6
MTND - Booklets of 12
Large Letters stamps with source code
LBE - Business sheets
LFE - Booklets of 4
No source code,no date, gravure De La Rue
U2911 17-Feb-09 50p Grey   $6.00
U2912 17-Feb-09 1Pd Red   $10.00
U2913 17-Feb-09 1.50Pd Brown   $12.00
U2914 17-Feb-09 2Pd Green   $14.00
U2915 17-Feb-09 3Pd Purple   $18.00
U2916 17-Feb-09 5Pd Blue-Grey   $28.00
With source & date codes, gravure Walsall
U2917 8-May-10 50p Grey "MPIL"   $7.50
No source code, with date codes, gravure De La Rue
U2920 3-Jan-13 1p Deep Crimson   $0.50
U2921 3-Jan-13 2p Deep Green'   $0.50
U2922 3-Jan-13 5p Dull Red-Brown   $0.50
U2923 3-Jan-13 10p Dull Orange   $0.75
U2924 3-Jan-13 20p Bright-Green   $1.25
U2925 3-Jan-13 50p Slate   $3.00
U2926 29-Mar-11 68p Deep Turquoise Green   $5.00
U2927 29-Mar-11 76p Bright Rose   $5.00
U2928 27-Mar-13 78p Deep Mauve    
U2929 26-Mar-14 81p Emerald    
U2930 25-Apr-12 87p Yellow-Orange   $5.00
U2931 27-Mar-13 88p Orange-Yellow    
U2932 26-Mar-14 97p Bluish-Violet    
U2933 10-Oct-11 1Pd Magenta   $7.00
U2934 3-Jan-13 1Pd Bistre Brown   $4.50
U2935 22-Mar-16 1.05Pd Grey-Olive    
U2936 29-Mar-11 1.10Pd Yellow-Olive   $7.50
U2937 21-Mar-17 1.17Pd Orange-Red    
U2938 20-Mar-18 1.25Pd Emerald    
U2939 25-Apr-12 1.28Pd Emerald   $7.00
U2940 24-Mar-15 1.33Pd Orange-Yellow    
U2940a 19-Mar-19 1.35 Bight Mauve    
U2941 21-Mar-17 1.40Pd Grey-Green    
U2942 17-Mar-20 1.42pd Deep Rose-Red    
U2943 20-Mar-18 1.45Pd Lavender-Grey    
U2945 26-Mar-14 1.47 Lavender-Grey    
U2946 24-Mar-15 1.52Pd Bright-Mauve    
U2947 20-Mar-18 1.55Pd Greenish Blue    
U2948 21-Mar-17 1.57Pd Yellow-Olive    
U2949 19-Mar-19 1.60 Orange-Yellow    
U2949a 17-Mar-20 1.63Pd Orange-Red    
U2950 29-Mar-11 1.65Pd Grey-Olive   $8.50
U2951 17-Mar-20 1.68Pd Yellow-Olive    
U2952 23-Dec-20 1.70Pd Greenish-Blue    
U2953 27-Mar-13 1.88Pd Dull Ultramarine    
U2954 25-Apr-12 1.90Pd Bright Mauve   $9.50
U2955 April-13 2.00Pd Deep Blue-Green    
U2956 26-Mar-14 2.15Pd Greenish-Blue    
U2957 24-Mar-15 2.25Pd Deep Violet    
U2958 21-Mar-17 2.27Pd Bistre    
U2959 19-Mar-19 2.30Pd Grey-Olive    
U2960 17-Mar-20 2.42Pd Bluish-Violet    
U2961 24-Mar-15 2.45Pd Bluish Green    
U2962 21-Mar-17 2.55Pd Deep Rose-Red    
U2963 20-Mar-18 2.65Pd Bluish Violet    
U2964 19-Mar-19 2.80Pd Bluish Green    
U2965 17-Mar-20 2.97Pd Bright Magenta    
U2966 11-Sep-19 3.00Pd Deep Mauve    
U2968 24-Mar-15 3.15Pd Turqoise-Blue    
U2968a 23-Dec-20 3.25pd Turquoise-Blue    
U2969 24-Mar-15 3.30Pd Bright Magenta    
U2970 19-Mar-19 3.45 Grey_green    
U2971 19-Mar-19 3.60Pd Yellow-Orange    
U2972 17-Mar-20 3.66Pd Pale Ochre    
U2973 17-Mar-20 3.82Pd Emerald    
U2973a 23-Dec-20 4.20Pd Deep Violet    
U2974 11-Sep-19 5.00 Pd Azure    
No source code, No date code, gravure De La Rue
U2975 17-Feb-09 2nd Class Small   $8.00
U2976 17-Feb-09 1st Class Small   $9.00
U2977 17-Feb-09 2nd Class Large   $10.00
U2978 17-Feb-09 1st Class Large   $11.00
U2979 31-Mar-09 2nd Bright Blue (MBIL)    
U2980 Jul-09 2nd Bright Blue (MRIL)    
U2981 31-Mar-09 2nd Bright Blue (MTIL)    
U2982 31-Mar-09 1st Gold (MBIL)    
U2983 10-Mar-09 1st Gold (MCIL)    
U2984 Jul-09 1st Gold (MRIL)    
U2985 31-Mar-09 1st Gold (MSIL)    
U2986 31-Mar-09 1st Gold (MTIL)    
U2987 31-Mar-09 2nd Large Bright Blue (YBML)    
U2988 31-Mar-09 2nd Large Bright Blue (FOYAL)    
U2989 31-Mar-09 1st Large Gold (YBLM)    
U2990 31-Mar-09 1st Gold (FOYAL)    
With source code, without date code, gravure De La Rue ("B" and "R" codes) or Walsall(others)
U2945/56 17-Feb-09 Security Machins Set of 12   $75.00
No source code, with date code, gravure De La Rue
U2995 1-Jul-10 2nd Class Bright Blue   $4.50
U2996 20-May-10 1st Class Gold   $11.00
U2997 3-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion   $6.50
U2998 11-Apr-17 1st Class Bright Scarlet    
U3000 26-Jan-11 2nd Class Large Bright Blue   $6.00
U3001 3-Nov-10 1st Class Large Gold   $11.00
U3002 3-Jan-13 1st Class Large Vermilion   $8.00
U3003 1-Apr-17 1st Class Large Bright-Scarlet   $7.00
With source code, with date code, gravure De La Rue (B codes) or Walsall (others)
U3010 March-10 2nd Class Bright Blue ("MBIL")    
U3011 8-May-10 2nd Class Bright Blue ("MPIL")    
U3012 June -12 2nd Class Bright Blue ("MRIL")    
U3013 Feb-10 2nd Class Bright Blue ("MTIL")    
U3015 June-10 1st Class Gold ("MBIL")    
U3016 25-Feb-10 1st Class Gold ("MCIL")    
U3017 8-May-10 1st Class Gold ("MPIL")    
U3018 15-Jul-11 1st Class Gold ("MRIL")    
U3019 26-Jan-10 1st Class Gold ("MSIL")    
U3020 Feb-10 1st Class Gold ("MTIL")    
U3021 3-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion ("MBIL")    
U3022 9-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion ("MCIL")    
U3023 3-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion ("MRIL")    
U3024 3-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion ("MSIL")    
U3025 3-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion ("MTIL")    
U3026 20-Oct-16 1st Class Bright Scarlet ("MBIL")    
U3027 20-Oct-16 1st Class Bright Scarlet ("MCIL")    
U3028 20-Oct-16 1st Class Bright Scarlet ("MSIL")    
U3029 20-Oct-16 1st Class Bright Scarlet ("MTIL")    
U3031 11-Mar 2nd Class Large Bright Blue ("MBI,BIL,MBIL")    
U3032 8-May-10 2nd Class Large Bright Blue ("MFI,FIL,MFIL,")   $8.00
U3034 June-10 1st Class Large Gold ("MBI,MBIL")    
U3035 8-May-10 1st Class Large Gold ("MFI,MFIL")    
U3036 3-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion ("BIL,MBIL")    
U3037 3-Jan-13 1st Class Vermilion ("FIL,MFIL")    
U3038 20-Oct-16 1st Class Bright Scarlet ("MBIL")    
U3039 20-Oct-16 1st Class Bright Scarlet ("MFIL")    
Gravure De La Rue
(a) Without Source or Date Code - Self-Adhesives
U3045 17-Nov-09 1st Class Bright Orange Signed For   $7.00
U3046 17-Nov-09 Large 1st Class Bright Orange Signed For   $9.00
(b) With Date Code - Self-Adhesives
U3047 11-Apr-11 (Recorded Signed For 1st Class) Bright Orange Signed For (U2983)   $6.00
U3048 11-Apr-11 Large 1st Class Bright Orange Signed For (U2984)   $7.00
U3049 27-Mar-13 (Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class)    
U3050 27-Mar-13 (Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class Large)    
U3051 26-Oct-10 (Special Delivery up to 100g)    
U3052 26-Oct-10 (Special Delivery up to 500g)    
U3051/52/86 26-Oct-10 Special Delivery (2)   $65.00
Gravure De La Rue - Self-Adhesives
U3055 8-Mar-11 1p Crimson    
U3056 8-Mar-11 2p Deep Green    
U3057 8-Mar-11 5p Dull Red-Brown    
U3058 8-Mar-11 10p Dull Orange    
U3059 8-Mar-11 20p Bright Green    
U3055/59/95 8-Mar-11 Set of 5   $8.00
Security Machins - Ordinary Gum
Gravure De La Rue
(a) With source code & date gravure Walsall
U3060 10-Jan-12 68p Turquiose-Green ("MPIL")    
U3061 5-Jun-17 1Pd Magenta ("MPIL")    
(b) NVI With source code, Gravure De la Rue
U3065 13-May-10 2nd Class Bright Blue ("MRIL")   $6.00
U3066 13-May-10 1st Class Gold ("MRIL")   $6.50
U3067 5-Jun-17 1st Class Vermilion ("MPIL")    
U3070 9-May-13 1p Crimson ("MPIL")    
U3070a 14-Mar-19 1p Crimson ("M IL")    
U3071 9-May-13 2p Deep Green ("MPIL")    
U3071a 20-Mar-18 2p Deep Green ("M IL")    
U3072 26-Mar-15 5p Red-Brown ("MPIL")   $8.00
U3072a 14-May-15 5p Deep Red-Brown ("MPIL")    
U3073 19-Sep-13 5p Red-Brown ("MPIL")    
U3074 26-Mar-13 10p Dull Orange ("MPIL")    
U3075 26-Mar-13 20p Bright Green ("MPIL")    
U3075a 14-Mar-19 20p Bright Green ("M IL")    
U3076 19-Sep-13 50p Slate ("MPIL")    
U3077 18-Jun-15 50p Slate ("MPIL")    
U3077a 4-Dec-18 50p Grey ("MPIL")    
U3078 9-Sep-11 76p Bright Rose ("MPIL")   $5.00
U3079 19-Feb-15 81p Deep Turquise-Green ("MPIL")    
U3080 26-Mar-13 87p Yellow-Orange ("MPIL")    
U3081 19-Feb-15 97p Bluish Violet ("MPIL")    
U3082 26-Mar-13 1Pd Sepia (("MPIL")    
U3083 28-Jul-16 1.05Pd Grey-Olive ("MPIL")    
U3084 23-Jan-18 1.17Pd Bright-Orange ("MPIL")    
U3084a 20-Mar-18 1.17Pd Bright-Orange ("M IL")    
U3089A 14-Dec-18 1.25Pd Emerald ("MPIL")    
U3090 14-Mar-19 1.25Pd Light Green ("M IL")    
U3094 14-May-15 1.33Pd Orange-Yellow ("MPIL")    
U3096 11-Feb-20 1.35Pd Bright-Purple ("MPIL")    
U3099 14-Dec-17 1.40Pd Grey-Green ("MPIL")    
U3104 14-Mar-19 1.45Pd Bright Orange ("MPIL")    
U3109 13-Feb-19 1.55Pd Greenish Blue ("MPIL")    
U3115 8-May-20 1.63Pd Bright Otange ("MPIL")    
U3150 17-Dec-15 2nd Class Bright Blue ("MPIL")    
U3155 9-Sep-11 1st Class Gold ("MPIL")    
U3156 9-May-13 1st Class Vermilion ("MPIL")    
U3157 15-Feb-17 1st Class Bright Scarlet ("MPIL")    
Machins - Sheetlets
3073 M/S 8-May-10      
3222 M/S 14-Sep-11      
3287 M/S 6-Feb-12      
(a) Self-Adhesive - Diamond Jubilee
U3271 6-Jun-12 (1st)Slate-Blue   $5.00
(b) Self-Adhesive - With source code
U3272 6-Jun-12 (1st)Slate-Blue ("MTND")   $5.00
U3273 6-Jun-12 (1st)Slate-Blue ("MBND")   $5.00
U3274 31-May-12 (1st)Slate-Blue ("MCND")    
U3275 1-Oct-12 (1st)Slate-Blue ("MSND")    
(b) Self-Adhesive - With source code
U3276 25-Apr-12 (1st)Large Slate-Blue ("MTND")    
(b) Self-Adhesive - With source code
U3277 25-Apr-12 (1st)Large Slate-Blue ("LFE")    
U3278 25-Apr-12 (1st)Large Slate-Blue ("LBE")    
U3279 31-May-12 (1st)Slate-Blue ("MPND")    
U3744 9-Sep-15 1st Class Bright Lilac    
U3745 9-Sep-15 1st Class Bright Lilac ("REIGS")    
U3746 18-Sep-15 1st Class Bright Lilac ("REIGC")    
U3747 21-Apr-16 1st Class Bright Lilac ("REIGP")    
U3920 6-Feb-17 5Pd QEII Accession Ultramarine 2-B    
U3966 5-Jun-17 1Pd Machin Gold 2-B    
Barcoded Security Machins
U4500 23-Mar-21 Barcoded Security Machin 2nd Class Bright Blue ("MBIL")    
Royal Mail Post & Go Stamps
FS1/5 8-Oct-08 QE II Head - Faststamps (5) See photo   $50.00
FS6 17-Sep-10 Birds of Britain Part I 1st Class 100g - Faststamps Set of 6 Different Birds See photo   $65.00
FS11 24-Jan-11 Birds of Britain Part II 1st Class 100g - Faststamps Set of 6 Different Birds See photo   $45.00
FS16 19-May-11 Birds of Britain Part III 1st Class 100g - Faststamps Set of 6 Different Birds See photo   $15.00
FS21 16-Sep-11 Birds of Britain Part IV 1st Class 100g - Faststamps Set of 6 Different Birds See photo   $12.00
FS27 24-Feb-12 Sheep - Farm Animals Part I (6) Set of 6 Different Sheep See photo   $9.00
  2012 Post & Go - Ex STAMPEX QE II Diamond Jubilee See photo    
FS33 24-Apr-12 Pigs - Farm Animals Part II (6) Set of 6 Different Pigs See photo   $9.00
FS39 21-May-12 Post & Go -1st Class Union Flag See photo   $4.00
FS39/44 21-May-12 Post & Go -Union Jack Flag (6) See photo    
FS45 28-Sep-12 Cattle - Farm Animals Part III (6) Set of 6 Different Cattle See photo   $14.00
FS51 6-Nov-12 Xmas Robin (6)    
FS59 22-Feb-13 Freshwater Life Part I (6) - Ponds See photo   $25.00
FS65 25-Jun-13 Freshwater Life Part II (6) - Lakes See photo   $25.00
FS71 20-Sep-13 Freshwater Life Part III (6) - Rivers See photo   $25.00
FS93/94 19-Nov-13 QE Head - Blue (2) See photo   $25.00
FS95 19-Nov-13      
  2011 Stanley Gibbons 2011 Great Britain Concise Catalogue See photo $50.00
  2010 Stanley Gibbons 2010 Great Britain Concise Catalogue See photo $35.00
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