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Great Britain Regionals

S.G. Date Description Variation MUH
(England - Northern Ireland - Scotland - Wales)
  29-Sep-08 Regional Definitives M/S See photo   $16.00
  29-Sep-08 Regional Definitives Prestige Booklet See photo   $45.00
note   Stanley Gibbons Numbers Updated to SG Concise Catalogue 2021    
EN1 23-Apr-02 2nd Three Lions   $3.50
EN2 23-Apr-02 1st Lion & Shield   $4.50
EN3 23-Apr-02 (E) English Oak Tree   $6.00
EN4 23-Apr-02 65p English Tudor Rose   $6.50
EN5 4-Jul-02 68p English Tudor Rose   $6.50
White Border
EN6 14-Oct-03 2nd Three Lions   $4.00
EN7 14-Oct-03 1st Lion & Shield De La Rue Photogravure   $5.00
EN7b 2006 1st Lion & Shield De La Rue Photogravure Type 1    
EN8 14-Oct-03 (E) English Oak Tree   $6.00
EN9 11-May-04 40p English Oak Tree   $4.00
EN10 5-Apr-05 42p English Oak Tree   $5.00
EN11 28-Mar-06 44p English Oak Tree   $3.50
EN11b 2006 44p English Oak Tree Type 1    
EN12 27-Mar-07 48p English Oak Tree   $4.00
EN13 1-Apr-08 50p English Oak Tree   $4.50
EN14 31-Mar-09 56p English Oak Tree   $4.50
EN15 31-Mar-10 60p English Oak Tree   $6.00
EN16 14-Oct-03 68p English Tudor Rose Type II   $5.00
EN17 28-Mar-06 72p English Tudor Rose   $5.00
EN17a 2006 72p English Tudor Rose Type I    
EN18 27-Mar-07 78p English Tudor Rose   $6.00
EN19 1-Apr-08 81p English Tudor Rose   $6.50
EN20 31-Mar-09 90p English Tudor Rose   $7.00
EN21 31-Mar-10 97p English Tudor Rose   $7.50
EN29 Jan-13 1st Three Lions   $3.50
EN30 20-Sep-07 1st Lion & Shield - Lithography Enschede   $4.00
EN30b 3-Jan-13 1st Lion & Shield - Lithography Enschede   $6.50
EN31 29-Mar-11 68p English Oak Tree   $6.00
EN32 25-Apr-12 87p English Oak Tree   $7.00
EN33 27-Mar-13 88p English Oak Tree   $7.00
EN34 26-Mar-14 97p English Oak Tree   $7.50
EN35 24-Mar-15 1Pd English Oak Tree   $7.50
EN36 22-Mar-16 1.05Pd English Oak Tree   $8.00
EN41 29-Mar-11 1.10 Pd English Tudor Rose   $8.50
EN43 25-Apr-12 1.28Pd English Tudor Rose   $9.00
EN44 24-Mar-15 1.33 Pd English Tudor Rose   $9.50
EN50 M/S 23-Apr-07 Celebrating England M/S See photo   $13.00
EN51 9-May-13 1st St George's Flag - Silver QE II Head   $12.00
EN51a 20-Feb-14 1st St George's Flag - Grey QE II Head   $12.00
EN52 20-Mar-18 2nd Three Lions   $4.00
EN53 20-Mar-18 1st Lion & Shield   $4.50
EN53a 11-Feb-20 1st Lion & Shield - Venetian Red   $5.00
EN54 21-Mar-17 1.17Pd English Oak Tree   $8.00
EN55 20-Mar-18 1.25Pd English Oak Tree   $8.00
EN60 21-Mar-17 1.40 Pd English Tudor Rose   $10.00
EN61 17-Mar-20 1.42Pd English Oak Tree   $8.50
EN62 20-Mar-18 1.45Pd English Tudor Rose   $11.00
EN63 19-Mar-19 1.55 Pd English Tudor Rose   $11.00
EN64 17-Mar-20 1.63 Pd English Tudor Rose   $9.50
EN65 23-Dec-20 1.70Pd English Oak Tree   $8.50
note   Stanley Gibbons Numbers Updated to SG Concise Catalogue 2021    
NI 1 18-Aug-59 3d Deep Lilac   $0.50
NI 1p 9-Jun-57 3d Deep Lilac (C-B)   $0.75
NI 2 7-Feb-66 4d Ultramarine   $0.50
NI 2p Oct '67 4d Ultramarine (2-B)   $0.50
NI 3 29-Feb-58 6d Deep Claret (2-B)   $1.50
NI 4 1-Mar-67 9d Green (2-B)   $1.00
NI 5 29-Sep-58 1/3d Green   $1.25
NI 6 1-Mar-67 1/6d Grey-Blue (2-B)   $1.00
NI 7 27-Jun-68 4d Blue   $0.75
NI7Ev 23-Oct-68 4d Blue (PVA Gum) $55.00
NI 8 4-Sep-68 4d Sepia   $0.50
NI 9 26-Feb-69 4d Vermilion   $0.75
NI 10 4-Sep-69 5d Blue   $1.00
NI 11 20-May-69 1/6d Grey-Blue   $7.00
  1958/69 Pre-Decimal Set of 13   $16.00
NI 12 7-Jul-71 2 1/2p Magenta (C-B)   $2.50
NI 13 7-Jul-71 3p Ultramarine (2-B)   $0.80
NI 14 23-Jan-74 3p Ultramarine (C-B)   $0.75
NI 15 23-Jan-74 3 1/2p Olive-Grey (2-B)   $0.75
NI 16 6-Nov-74 3 1/2p Olive-Grey (C-B)   $0.75
NI 17 6-Nov-74 4 1/2p Grey-Blue (2-B)   $1.00
NI 18 7-Jul-71 5p Red-Violet (2-B)   $4.00
NI 19 23-Jan-74 5 1/2p Violet (2-B)   $0.75
NI 20 21-May-75 5 1/2p Violet (C-B)   $0.75
NI 21 14-Jan-76 6 1/2p Blue (C-B)   $0.75
NI 22 18-Jan-78 7p Purple-Brown (C-B)   $1.00
NI 23 7-Jul-71 7 1/2p Chestnut (2-B)   $6.00
NI 24 23-Jan-74 8p Rosine (2-B)   $1.25
NI 25 14-Jan-76 8 1/2p Yellow-Green (2-B)   $1.25
NI 26 17-Jan-78 9p Deep Violet (2-B)   $1.50
NI 27 20-Oct-76 10p Orange-Brown (2-B)   $1.25
NI 28 23-Jul-78 10p Orange-Brown (C-B)   $2.00
NI 29 18-Jan-78 10 1/2 p Blue (2-B)   $1.75
NI 30 20-Oct-76 11p Scarlet (2-B)   $2.00
NI 31 23-Jul-80 12p Yellow-Green   $2.00
NI 32 23-Jul-80 13 1/2p Brown   $2.50
NI 33 23-Jul-80 15p Ultramarine   $2.50
NI 34 8-Apr-81 11 1/2p Ochre-Brown (S-B)   $3.00
NI 35 7-Jan-86 12p Bright Emerald (S-B)   $2.50
NI 36 24-Feb-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald (S-B) Type I   $2.00
NI 36a 24-Feb-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald Perf 15 x 14   $14.00
NI 37 23-Oct-84 13p Pale Chestnut )S-B) Type I   $3.00
NI 37a 11-Dec-86 13p Pale Chestnut Type II   $4.00
NI 38 8-Apr-81 14p Grey-Blue (P) Type I   $2.50
NI 39 8-Nov-88 14p Deep Blue (C-B)   $2.50
NI 40 28-Nov-89 15p Bright Blue (C-B)   $3.50
NI 41 24-Feb-82 15 1/2p Pale-Violet (P)Type 2   $2.75
NI 42 27-Apr-83 16p Drab (P) Type I   $3.00
NI 42a 28-Feb-84 16p Drab Perf 15 x 14   $22.00
NI 43 23-Oct-84 17p Grey-Blue (P) Type I   $3.00
NI 43a 9-Sep-86 17p Grey-Blue (P) Type II   $350.00
NI 44 4-Dec-90 17p Deep Blue Type I(C-B)   $3.00
NI 45 8-Apr-81 18p Deep Violet (P) Type I   $3.00
NI 46 6-Jan-87 18p Olive-Grey (P)   $3.00
NI 47 3-Dec-91 18p Bright Green (C-B)   $3.00
NI 47a 31-Dec-92 18p Bright Green (C-B) Perf 14   $22.00
NI 48 10-Aug-93 18p Bright Green (S-B)   $7.00
NI 49 8-Nov-88 19p Bright Orange (S-B)   $3.00
NI 50 24-Feb-92 19 1/2p Olive-Grey (P)   $6.00
NI 51 28-Nov-89 20p Brownish-Black (P)   $3.00
NI 52 27-Apr-83 20 1/2p Ultramarine (P) Type I   $9.00
NI 53 8-Apr-81 22p Blue (P) Type I   $3.00
NI 54 23-Oct-84 22p Yellow-Green (P) Type I   $3.00
NI 55 4-Dec-90 22p Bright Orange (P)   $3.50
NI 56 8-Nov-88 23p Bright Green (P)   $3.50
NI 57 28-Nov-89 24p Indian Red (P)   $3.50
NI 58 3-Dec-91 24p Chestnut (P)   $3.50
NI 59 10-Aug-93 24p Chestnut (2-B)   $7.50
NI 60 24-Feb-82 26p Rosine (P) Type I   $3.50
NI 60a 27-Jan-87 26p Rosine Perf 15 x 14   $12.00
NI 61 4-Dec-90 26p Drab (P)   $4.50
NI 62 27-Apr-83 28p Deep Violet-Blue (P) Type I   $4.50
NI 62a 27-Jan-87 28p Deep Violet-Blue Perf 15 x 14   $4.50
NI 63 3-Dec-91 28p Deep Bluish-Grey (P)   $4.50
NI 64 23-Oct-84 31p Bright Purple (P) Type I   $5.00
NI 64a 14-Apr-87 31p Bright Purple Type II   $6.00
NI 65 8-Nov-88 32p Greenish Blue (P)   $5.50
NI 66 28-Nov-89 34p Deep Blue-Grey (P)   $6.00
NI 67 40-Dec-90 37p Rosine (P)   $6.00
NI 68 3-Dec-91 39p Magenta (P)   $6.00
NI 69 7-Dec-93 19p Bistre (C-B)   $3.00
NI 70 26-Jul-94 19p Bistre (L-B)   $4.50
NI 70c 25-Apr-95 19p Bistre (R-B)   $7.50
NI 71 23-Jul-96 20p Bright Green (C-B)   $4.50
NI 72 7-Dec-93 25p Red (2-B)   $2.25
NI 73 23-Jul-96 26p Rust (2-B)   $4.50
NI 74 7-Dec-93 30p Deep Olive-Grey (2-B)   $4.50
NI 75 23-Jul-96 37p Rhododendron (2-B)   $7.00
NI 76 7-Dec-93 41p Grey-Brown (2-B)   $4.50
NI 77 23-Jul-96 63p Emerald Green   $10.00
NI 78 8-Jun-99 19p Bistre (C-B)   $7.00
NI 79 1-Jul-97 20p Light Green (C-B)   $7.00
NI 80 13-Oct-98 20p Light Green (R-B)   $7.50
NI 81 1-Jul-97 26p Chestnut (2-B)   $4.00
NI 81b 13-Oct-98 26p Chestnut Perf 14   $7.00
NI 82 1-Jul-97 37p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $4.50
NI 83 8-Jun-99 38p Ultramarine (2-B)   $15.00
NI 84 25-Apr-00 40p Azure (2-B)   $15.00
NI 85 1-Jul-97 63p Light Emerald (2-B)   $10.00
NI 86 8-Jun-99 64p Turquoise-Green (2-B)   $16.00
NI 87 25-Apr-00 65p Greenish-Blue (2-B)   $7.00
NI 88 15-Feb-00 1st Bright Orange-Red   $7.00
NI 88b 25-Apr-00 1st Bright Orange-Red Perf 14   $22.00
NI 89 6-Mar-01 2nd (19p) Basalt Column (C-B)   $3.50
NI 90 6-Mar-01 1st (27p) Patchwork Fields (2-B)   $4.50
NI 91 6-Mar-01 E (36p) Linen Pattern (2-B)   $6.00
NI 92 6-Mar-01 65p Vase Pattern (2-B)   $6.00
NI 93 4-Jul-02 68p Vase Pattern   $6.00
White Borders
NI 94 14-Oct-03 2nd Class (19p)Basalt Column (C-B)   $3.50
NI 95 14-Oct-03 1st Class (27p) Patchwork Fields (2-B) Lithography De La Rue   $4.00
NI 96 14-Oct-03 E(36p) Linen Pattern (2-B)   $7.00
NI 97 11-May-04 40p Linen Pattern (2-B)   $5.00
NI 98 5-Apr-05 42p Linen Pattern(2-B)   $7.00
NI99 28-Mar-06 44p Linen Pattern   $4.00
NI100 14-Oct-03 68p Vase Pattern   $7.00
NI101 29-Mar-11 68p Linen Pattern   $6.00
NI102 28-Mar-06 72p Vase Pattern   $7.00
NI103 25-Apr-12 87p Linen Pattern   $7.00
NI104 27-Mar-13 88p Linen Pattern   $7.00
NI105 26-Mar-14 97p Linen Pattern   $8.00
NI106 24-Mar-15 1Pd Linen Pattern   $8.00
NI107 22-Mar-16 1.05Pd Linen Pattern   $8.00
NI111 29-Mar-11 1.10Pd Vase Pattern   $8.00
NI113 25-Apr-12 1.28Pd Vase Pattern   $9.00
NI114 24-Mar-15 1.33Pd Vase Pattern   $9.00
NI122 20-Sep-07 2nd Class Basalt Columns   $4.00
NI123 20-Sep-07 1st Patchwork Fields - Photogravure De La Rue   $6.00
NI124 27-Mar-07 48p Linen Pattern   $4.50
NI125 1-Apr-08 50p Linen Pattern   $5.00
NI126 31-Mar-09 56p Linen Pattern   $3.50
NI127 30-Mar-10 60p Linen Pattern   $5.00
NI128 27-Mar-07 78p Vase Pattern   $5.00
NI129 1-Apr-08 81p Vase Pattern   $6.50
NI130 31-Mar-09 90p Vase Pattern   $7.50
NI131 30-Mar-10 97p Vase Pattern   $8.50
NI152 M/S 11-Mar-08 Northern Ireland M/S See photo   $12.00
NI1153M/S 29-Sep-08 Country Definitives M/S See photo   $20.00
NI154 29-Sep-08 1st Deep Lilac   $5.00
NI155 29-Sep-08 1st Green   $5.00
NI156 29-Sep-08 1st Deep Claret   $5.00
NI157 20-Mar-18 2nd Class Basalt Columns    
NI158 20-Mar-18 1st Class Patchwork Fields    
NI159 21-Mar-17 1.17Pd Linen Pattern    
NI160 20-Mar-18 1.25Pd Linen Pattern    
NI161 19-Mar-19 1.35Pd Linen Pattern    
NI164 21-Mar-17 1.40Pd Vase Pattern   $9.00
NI165 17-Mar-20 1.42Pd Vase Pattern    
NI166 20-Mar-18 1.45Pd Vase Pattern    
NI167 19-Mar-19 1.55Pd Vase Pattern    
NI168 17-Mar-20 1.63Pd Vase Pattern    
NI169 23-Dec-20 1.70Pd Linen Pattern    
A Comprehensive List of GB Machins & Ellipticals
note   Stanley Gibbons Numbers Updated to SG Concise Catalogue 2021    
S1 18-Aug-58 3d Lilac   $0.60
S1p 29-Jan-63 3d Lilac (2-B)   $30.00
S1pa 30-Apr-65 3d Lilac (R-B)   $0.75
S1pb 9-Nov-65 3d Lilac (L-B)   $0.60
S1Pd 9-Nov-67 3d Lilac (C-B)   $0.50
S2 7-Feb-66 4d Ultramarine   $0.50
S2p 7-Feb-66 4d Ultramarine (2-B)   $0.50
S3 29-Sep-58 6d Claret   $0.75
S3p 29-Jan-63 6d Claret (2-B)   $0.75
S4 1-Mar-67 9d Green   $1.00
S5 29-Sep-63 1/3d Green   $1.50
S5p 29-Jan-63 1/3d Green (2-B)   $1.50
S6 1-Mar-67 1/6d Blue (2-B)   $2.00
S7 16-May-68 3d Lilac   $0.50
S7Ev 16-May-68 3d Lilac - Gum Arabic   $0.60
S8 28-Nov-67 4d Blue   $0.75
S8Ev 28-Nov-67 4d Blue - Gum Arabic   $0.60
S9 4-Sep-68 4d Sepia   $0.50
S10 26-Feb-69 4d Vermilion   $0.50
S11 4-Sep-68 5d Blue   $0.50
S12 28-Sep-70 9d Green   $12.00
S13 12-Dec-58 1/6d Blue   $4.50
  1958/70 Pre-Decimal Set 20   $60.00
S14 7-Jul-71 2 1/2p Bright Ultramarine (C-B)   $0.75
S14Eg 22-Sep-72 2 1/2p Bright Ultramarine (C-B) Gum Arabic    
S15 7-Jul-71 3p Ultramarine (2-B)   $1.00
S15Eg 14-Dec-72 3p Ultramarine (2-B) - Gum Arabic    
S16 23-Jan-74 3p Ultramarine (C-B)   $0.75
S17 23-Jan-74 3 1/2p Olive (2-B)   $0.75
S18 6-Nov-74 3 1/2p Olive (C-B)   $0.75
S19 6-Nov-74 4 1/2p Grey-Blue (2-B)   $1.00
S20 7-Jul-71 5p Reddish-Violet (2-B)   $3.00
S21 23-Jan-74 5 1/2p Violet (2-B)   $0.75
S22 21-May-75 5 1/2p Violet (C-B)   $0.75
S23 14-Jan-76 6 1/2p Green-Blue (C-B)   $0.75
S24 18-Jan-78 7p Purple-Brown (C-B)   $1.00
S25 7-Jul-71 7 1/2p Chestnut (2-B)   $3.00
S26 23-Jan-74 8p Rosine (2-B)   $1.50
S27 14-Jan-76 8 1/2p Yellow-Green (2-B)   $1.50
S28 18-Jan-78 9p Deep Violet (2-B)   $1.50
S29 20-Oct-76 10p Orange-Brown (2-B)   $1.50
S30 23-Jul-80 10p Orange-Brown (C-B)   $1.50
S31 18-Jan-78 10 1/2p Blue (2-B)   $2.00
S32 20-Oct-76 11p Scarlet (2-B)   $1.50
S33 23-Jul-80 12p Yellowish-Green (P)   $2.00
S34 23-Jul-80 13 1/2p Purple-Brown (P)   $2.50
S35 23-Jul-80 15p Ultramarine (P)   $2.00
S36 8-Apr-81 11 1/2p Drab (S-B)   $3.00
S37 7-Jan-86 12p Bright Emerald (S-B)   $6.00
S38 24-Feb-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald (S-B)   $2.00
S39 23-Oct-84 13p Pale Chestnut (S-B)   $3.00
S39a Jan '85 13p Pale Chestnut Type II   $25.00
S40 8-Apr-81 14p Grey-Blue   $2.50
S41 24-Feb-82 15 1/2p Pale Violet   $2.50
S42 27-Apr-83 16p Drab Type 2   $2.50
S43 23-Oct-84 17p Grey-Blue Type I   $5.00
S43a Jan '85 17p Grey-Blue Type II   $6.00
S44 8-Apr-81 18p Deep Violet   $2.50
S45 24-Feb-82 19 1/2p Olive-Grey   $4.50
S46 27-Apr-83 20 1/2p Ultramarine   $8.00
S47 8-Apr-81 22p Blue   $3.50
S48 23-Oct-84 22p Yellow-Green Type II   $9.00
S48a Jan '86 22p Yellow-Green Type II   $100.00
S49 24-Feb-82 26p Rosine   $4.00
S50 27-Apr-83 28p Deep Violet-Blue Type 2   $4.00
S51 23-Oct-84 31p Bright Purple Type II   $7.00
S51a Jan '86 31p Bright Purple Type II   $450.00
S52 29-Apr-86 12p Bright Emerald (S-B)   $6.00
S53 4-Nov-86 13p Pale Chestnut (S-B)   $2.50
S54 8-Nov-88 14p Deep Blue (C-B)   $2.00
S55 21-Mar-89 14p Deep Blue (S-B)   $2.50
S56 28-Nov-89 15p Bright Blue (C-B)   $2.50
S57 29-Apr-86 17p Grey-Blue (P)   $12.00
S58 4-Dec-90 17p Grey-Blue (C-B)   $3.00
S59 6-Jan-87 18p Olive-Grey (P)   $3.50
S60 3-Dec-91 18p Bright Green (C-B)   $4.00
S60a 26-Sep-92 18p Bright Green (C-B) Perf 14   $4.00
S61 10-Aug-93 18p Bright Green (S-B)   $7.00
S62 8-Nov-88 19p Bright Orange-Red (P)   $2.50
S63 21-Mar-89 19p Bright Orange-Red (2-B)   $5.50
S64 28-Nov-89 20p Brownish-Black (P)   $3.00
S65 27-Jan-87 22p Yellow-Green (P)   $5.00
S66 4-Dec-90 22p Bright Orange-Red (P)   $4.00
S67 8-Nov-88 23p Bright-Green (P)   $4.00
S68 21-Mar-89 23p Bright-Green (2-B)   $36.00
S69 28-Nov-89 24p Indian Red (P)   $4.50
S70 3-Dec-91 24p Chestnut (P)   $4.50
S70a Oct '92 24p Chestnut (P) Perf 14   $22.00
S71 10-Aug-93 24p Chestnut (2-B)   $9.00
S72 27-Jan-87 26p Rosine (P) Perf 15 x 14   $10.00
S73 4-Dec-90 26p Drab (P)   $4.00
S74 27-Jan-87 28p Deep Violet-Blue (P) Perf 15 x 14   $4.00
S75 3-Dec-91 28p Deep Bluish-Grey (P)   $4.50
S75a 18-Feb-93 28p Deep Bluish-Grey (P) Perf 14   $25.00
S76 29-Apr-86 31p Bright Purple (P)   $6.00
S77 8-Nov-88 32p Greenish-Blue (P)   $6.00
S78 28-Nov-89 34p Blue-Grey (P)   $6.00
S79 4-Dec-90 37p Rosine (P)   $6.00
S80 3-Dec-91 39p Bright Mauve (P)   $6.00
S80a Nov '92 39p Bright Mauve (P) Perf 14   $32.00
S81 7-Dec-93 19p Bistre (C-B)   $2.50
S82 25-Apr-95 19p Bistre (R-B)   $7.00
S83 23-Jul-96 20p Light Green (C-B)   $4.00
S84 7-Dec-93 25p Red (2-B)   $3.00
S85 23-Jul-96 26p Rust (2-B)   $5.00
S86 7-Dec-93 30p Deep Olive-Grey (2-B)   $4.50
S87 23-Jul-96 37p Rhododendron (2-B)   $7.50
S88 7-Dec-93 41p Grey-Brown (2-B)   $6.00
S89 23-Jul-96 63p Emerald-Green (2-B)   $11.00
S90 1-Jul-97 20p Bright Green (C-B)   $3.00
S90a 13-Oct-98 20p Bright-Green (R-B)   $9.00
S91 1-Jul-97 26p Chestnut (2-B)   $5.00
S91a 13-Oct-98 26p Chestnut (2-B) Perf 14   $9.00
S92 1-Jul-97 37p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $5.50
S93 1-Jul-97 63p Light Emerald (2-B)   $10.00
S94 8-Jun-99 2nd Saltire   $3.00
S95 8-Jun-99 1st Lion Rampant - Walsall Photogravure   $5.00
S96 8-Jun-99 E Thistle   $8.00
S97 8-Jun-99 64p Tartan   $12.00
S98 25-Apr-00 65p Tartan   $7.00
S99 4-Jul-02 68p Tartan   $8.00
S108 15-Feb-00 1st Bright Orange-Red   $7.00
White Borders
S109 14-Oct-03 2nd Saltire   $4.00
S110 14-Oct-03 1st Lion Rampant   $5.00
S111 14-Oct-03 E Thistle   $6.00
S112 11-May-04 40p Thistle   $5.00
S113 5-Apr-05 42p Thistle   $6.00
S114 28-Mar-06 44p Thistle   $4.50
S115 27-Mar-07 48p Thistle   $4.50
S116 1-Apr-08 50p Thistle   $4.50
S117 31-Mar-09 56p Thistle   $5.00
S118 30-Mar-10 60p Thistle   $5.00
S119 14-Oct-03 68p Tartan   $6.00
S120 28-Mar-06 72p Tartan   $6.00
S121 27-Mar-07 78p Tartan   $6.00
S122 1-Apr-08 81p Tartan   $8.00
S123 31-Mar-09 90p Tartan   $8.00
S124 30-Mar-10 97p Tartan   $9.00
S130 27-Jun-12 2nd Saltire    
S130a 27-Jun-12 2nd Saltire    
S131 20-Sep-07 1st Lion Rampant   $6.00
S131a 9-May-16 1st Lion Rampant   $6.00
S132 29-Mar-11 68p Thistle   $6.00
S133 25-Apr-12 87p Thistle   $7.00
S134 27-Mar-13 88p Thistle   $7.00
S135 26-Mar-14 97p Thistle   $7.00
S136 24-Mar-15 1Pd Thistle   $7.00
S137 22-Mar-16 1.05Pd Thistle   $7.50
S138 29-Mar-11 1.10Pd Tartan   $7.50
S143 25-Apr-12 1.28Pd Tartan   $8.00
S144 24-Mar-15 1.33Pd Tartan   $8.50
S152 M/S 5-Oct-04 Scottish Parliament M/S See photo   $14.00
S153 M/S 30-Nov-06 Celebrating Scotland M/S See photo   $12.00
S157 M/S 22-Jan-09 Robert Burns M/S See photo   $14.00
S154 29-Sep-08 1st Deep Lilac   $5.50
S155 29-Sep-08 1st Green   $5.50
S156 29-Sep-08 1st Deep Claret   $5.50
S158 9-May-13 1st Scotland Flag    
S159 20-Mar-18 2nd Saltire    
S160 20-Mar-18 1st Lion Rampant    
S161 21-Mar-17 1.17Pd Thistle   $8.00
S162 20-Mar-18 1.25Pd Thistle    
S167 21-Mar-17 1.40Pd Tartan   $9.00
S168 20-Mar-18 1.45Pd Tartan    
S169 19-Mar-19 1.55Pd Tartan    
S170 17-Mar-20 1.63Pd Tartan    
S171 23-Dec-20 1.70Pd Thistle    
note   Stanley Gibbons Numbers Updated to SG Concise Catalogue 2021    
W1 18-Aug-58 3d Deep Lilac   $0.50
W1p 16-May-67 3d Deep Lilac (C-B)   $0.75
W2 7-Feb-66 4d Ultramarine   $0.75
W2p Oct '67 4d Ultramarine (2-B)   $0.75
W3 29-Sep-58 6d Deep Claret   $1.25
W4 1-Mar-67 9d Bronze-Green (2-B)   $1.50
W5 29-Sep-58 1/3d Green   $1.50
W6 1-Mar-67 1/6d Grey-Blue (2-B)   $1.50
W7 6-Dec-67 3d Deep Lilac   $0.50
W8 21-Jun-68 4d Ultramarine   $0.50
W9 4-Sep-68 4d Olive Sepia   $0.50
W10 26-Feb-69 4d Bright Vermilion   $0.50
W11 4-Sep-68 5d Royal Blue   $0.50
W12 1-Aug-69 1/6d Grey Blue   $11.00
  1958/69 Pre-Decimal Set 14 Values   $21.75
W13 7-Jul-71 2 1/2p Bright Magenta (C-B)   $0.75
W13g 22-Sep-72 2 1/2p Bright Magenta (C-B) - Gum Arabic   $0.75
W14 7-Jul-71 3p Ultramarine (2-B)   $0.75
W14g 6-Jun-73 3p Ultramarine (2-B) - Gum Arabic   $0.75
W15 23-Jan-74 3p Ultramarine (C-B)   $0.75
W16 23-Jan-74 3 1/2p Olive-Grey (2-B)   $0.75
W17 6-Nov-74 3 1/2p Olive-Grey (C-B)   $1.00
W18 6-Nov-74 4 1/2p Grey-Blue (2-B)   $3.00
W19 23-Jan-74 5p Reddish-Violet (2-B)   $2.50
W20 23-Jan-74 5 1/2p Violet (2-B)   $0.75
W21 21-May-75 5 1/2p Violet (C-B)   $0.75
W22 14-Jan-76 6 1/2p Greenish-Blue (C-B)   $0.75
W23 18-Jan-78 7p Purple-Brown (C-B)   $4.00
W24 7-Jul-71 7 1/2p Chestnut (2-B)   $3.50
W25 23-Jan-74 8p Rosine (2-B)   $1.00
W26 14-Jan-76 8 1/2p Yellow Green (2-B)   $1.50
W27 18-Jan-78 9p Deep Violet (2-B)   $1.50
W28 20-Oct-76 10p Orange-Brown (2-B)   $1.50
W29 23-Jul-80 10p Orange-Brown (C-B)   $1.50
W30 18-Jan-78 10 1/2p Steel Blue (2-B)   $2.00
W31 20-Oct-76 11p Scarlet (2-B)   $2.00
W32 23-Jul-80 12p Yellowish-Green (P)   $2.00
W33 23-Jul-80 13 1/2 Purple-Brown (P)   $2.00
W34 23-Jul-80 15p Ultramarine (P)   $2.00
W35 8-Apr-81 11 1/2p Drab (S-B)   $3.00
W36 7-Jan-86 12p Bright Emerald (S-B)   $4.50
W37 24-Feb-82 12 1/2p Light Emerald (S-B) Type 1   $2.50
W37a 10-Jan-84 12 1/2p Light Emerald Perf 15 x 14 Type 2   $14.00
W38 23-Oct-84 13p Pale Chestnut (S-B) Type 1   $2.00
W38Ea Jan '87 13p Pale Chestnut (S-B) Type II   $6.00
W39 8-Apr-81 14p Grey-Blue (P)   $2.50
W40 8-Nov-88 14p Grey-Blue (C-B)   $2.50
W41 28-Nov-89 15p Bright Blue (C-B)   $3.00
W42 24-Feb-82 15 1/2p Pale Violet (P) Type I   $3.00
W43 27-Apr-83 16p Drab (P) Type 2   $4.50
W43a 10-Jan-84 16p Drab Perf 15 x 14 Type 2   $5.00
W44 23-Oct-84 17p Grey Blue (P) Type 2   $3.00
W44Ea 18-Aug-86 17p Grey Blue (P) Type II   $125.00
W45 4-Dec-90 17p Deep Blue (C-B)   $3.00
W46 8-Apr-81 18p Deep Violet Type I   $3.00
W47 6-Jan-87 18p Olive-Grey (P)   $3.00
W48 3-Dec-91 18p Bright Green (C-B)   $2.50
W48b 12-Jan-93 18p Bright Green Type II (C-B) Perf 14   $25.00
W49 26-Feb-92 18p Bright Green Type II (R-B)   $7.00
W49Eb 10-Aug-93 18p Bright Green Type II (L-B)   $6.00
W50 8-Nov-88 19p Bright Orange-Red (P)   $3.00
W51 24-Feb-82 19 1/2p Olive-Grey (P) Type I   $4.50
W52 28-Nov-89 20p Brownish Black (P) Type I   $3.00
W53 27-Apr-83 20 1/2p Ultramarine(P) Type I   $9.00
W54 8-Apr-81 22p Blue(P) Type I   $3.50
W55 23-Oct-84 22p Yellow-Green(P) Type I   $3.00
W56 12-Apr-90 22p Bright Orange-Red (P)   $3.00
W57 8-Nov-88 23p Bright Green (P)   $3.00
W58 28-Nov-89 24p Indian Red (P)   $3.50
W59 3-Dec-91 24p Chestnut (P)   $2.50
W59b 14-Sep-92 24p Chestnut (P) Perf 14   $25.00
W60 25-Feb-92 24p Chestnut (2-B)   $4.50
W61 24-Feb-82 26p Rosine(P) Type I   $3.50
W61a 27-Jan-87 26p Rosine(P) Type II Perf 15 x 14   $17.00
W62 12-Apr-90 26p Drab (P) Type 2   $4.50
W63 27-Aug-83 28p Deep Violet   $4.00
W63a 27-Jan-87 28p Deep Violet (P) Type 2 Perf 15 x 14   $5.00
W64 3-Dec-91 28p Deep Bluish-Grey Type II (P)   $4.50
W65 23-Oct-84 31p Bright Purple (P) Type 1   $4.50
W66 8-Nov-88 32p Greenish-Blue (P)   $5.00
W67 28-Nov-89 34p Deep Bluish Grey (P)   $5.00
W68 12-Apr-90 37p Rosine (P)   $6.00
W69 3-Dec-91 39p Bright Mauve (P)   $6.00
W70 7-Dec-93 19p Bistre (C-B)   $2.50
W71 25-Apr-95 19p Bistre (R-B)   $10.00
W72 23-Jul-96 20p Light Green (C-B)   $4.00
W73 7-Dec-93 25p Red (2-B)   $4.00
W74 23-Jul-96 26p Rust (2-B)   $5.00
W75 7-Dec-93 30p Deep Olive-Grey (2-B)   $3.50
W76 23-Jul-96 37p Rhodendron (2-B)   $7.50
W77 7-Dec-93 41p Grey-Brown (2-B)   $6.00
W78 23-Jul-96 63p Emerald Green (2-B)   $14.00
W79 1-Jul-97 20p Bright Green (C-B)   $3.00
W79a 13-Oct-98 20p Bright Green (R-B)   $10.00
W80 1-Jul-97 26p Chestnut (2-B)   $5.00
W80a 13-Oct-98 26p Chestnut (2-B) Perf 14   $10.00
W81 1-Jul-97 37p Bright Mauve (2-B)   $6.00
W82 1-Jul-97 63p Light Emerald (2-B)   $12.00
W83 8-Jun-99 2nd Class Leek (C-B)   $3.50
W83a 18-Sep-00 2nd Class Leek (R-B) Perf 14   $8.00
W84 8-Jun-99 1st Class Welsh Dragon (2-B) - Walsall Photogravure   $6.00
W85 8-Jun-99 E Daffodil (2-B)   $7.00
W86 8-Jun-99 64p Prince of Wales Feathers (2-B)   $18.00
W87 25-Apr-00 65p Prince of Wales Feathers (2-B)   $8.00
W88 4-Jul-02 68p Prince of Wales Feathers (2-B)   $8.00
W97 15-Feb-00 1st Class Bright Orange Perf 14 (2-B)   $7.00
White Borders
W98 14-Oct-03 2nd Class Leek   $3.50
W99 14-Oct-03 1st Class Welsh Dragon   $7.00
W100 14-Oct-03 E-Daffodil   $7.00
W101 11-May-04 40p Daffodil   $5.00
W102 5-Apr-05 42p Daffodil   $7.00
W103 28-Mar-06 44p Daffodil   $6.00
W104 27-Mar-07 48p Daffodil   $4.00
W105 1-Apr-08 50p Daffodil   $5.00
W106 31-Mar-09 56p Daffodil   $6.00
W107 30-Mar-10 60p Daffodil   $6.00
W108 14-Oct-03 68p Prince of Wales Feathers   $6.00
W109 28-Mar-06 72p Prince of Wales Feathers   $6.00
W110 27-Mar-07 78p Prince of Wales Feathers   $7.00
W111 1-Apr-08 81p Prince of Wales Feathers   $8.00
W112 31-Mar-09 90p Prince of Wales Feathers   $8.00
W113 30-Mar-10 97p Prince of Wales Feathers   $9.00
W121 Jan-13 2nd Class Leek    
W122 20-Sep-07 1st Class Welsh Dragon (2-B) - Enschede Printing - Lithography   $6.00
W123 29-Mar-11 68p Daffodil   $6.00
W124 25-Apr-12 87p Daffodil   $8.00
W125 27-Mar-13 88p Daffodil   $8.00
W126 26-Mar-14 97p Daffodil   $8.00
W127 24-Mar-15 1Pd Daffodil   $9.00
W128 22-Mar-16 1.05Pd Daffodil    
W129 29-Mar-11 1.10Pd Prince of Wales Feathers    
W134 25-Apr-12 1.28Pd Prince of Wales Feathers    
W135 24-Mar-15 1.33Pd Prince of Wales Feathers    
W144 29-Sep-08 1st Deep Lilac   $6.00
W145 29-Sep-08 1st Green   $6.00
W146 29-Sep-08 1st Deep Claret   $4.00
W148 9-May-13 1st Class Red Dragon   $13.00
W149 20-Mar-18 2nd Class Leek    
W150 20-Mar-18 1st Welsh Dragon    
W151 21-Mar-17 1.17Pd Daffodil   $10.00
W152 20-Mar-18 1.25Pd Daffodil    
W153 19-Mar-19 1.35Pd Daffodil    
W156 21-Mar-17 1.40Pd Prince of Wales Feathers    
W157 17-Mar-20 1.42Pd Daffodil    
W158 20-Mar-18 1.45Pd Prince of Wales Feathers    
W159 19-Mar-19 1.55Pd Prince of Wales Feathers    
W160 17-Mar-20 1.63Pd Prince of Wales Feathers    
W161 23-Dec-20 1.70Pd Daffodil    
W143 M/S 1-Mar-06 Wales - National Assembly M/S See photo   $13.00
W147 M/S 26-Feb-09 Celebrating Wales M/S See photo   $13.00
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